Gathering news


The founding editor, Miss Chandler, systematically approached all the village organisations, encouraging them to submit reports of their activities.

She was particularly active with the village school and the cricket and football clubs. They all responded initially, but as time went by the weaker vessels fell by the wayside. Miss Chandler fought against apathy, but after some years she accepted the inevitable. Some people enjoy writing; others find it hard work, The Link consists principally of what contributors send in.

There are a few villagers who take pleasure in writing about their travels or their hobbies, and they provide some variety from the standard fare of reports of meetings and coming events.

Cover illustrations are the exception to the rule. Most are commissioned. The village has always had in its midst a number of professional artists, and they are generally willing to create a cover when asked. We also have talented amateur artists, including some from the David Watts Art Group.

During Margaret Finch’s time as editor she delegated the task of acquiring cover illustrations to Roy Clark, MBE, the Production Manager.

From the introduction of the Ricoh printer, it has been possible to reproduce photographs. Roy Clark is an excellent photographer, and in recent years several of his prints have been used on the cover.

In April 2007 the 400th cover design appeared. 

In April 2006 Rebecca Swift and Patrick Bristow took over as the editorial team. They are from a younger generation than their predecessor, and much more at home with computers. They have already made an impact on the layout and typography of the Link, and it may be that they will also update the editorial content of the magazine.