It was the policy of Treasurer Roy Pitcairn to publish an annual statement of income and expenditure. However, one of the principal costs was paper. the paper was purchased in batches, which took no account of the financial year end. Consequently, the annual statement did not necessarily reflect the year's trading. Nevertheless, allowing for purchase of equipment, the Link averaged a surplus of £250 per annum over its first 20 years.

It had never gone into deficit, but had never been rich.

The purchase of the RICOH printer made a severe dent in the Link's bank balance.

However, the savings made by printing our own covers and advertisement sheets suddenly made the magazine substantially profitable. Exactly how profitable is unclear.

Since Roy Pitcairn's retirement, the Link has ceased to publish an annual statement of income and expenditure.

It has, however, begun very quietly to make donations to village organisations with specific needs. In the January 2006 issue, Chairman David Moore announced that the Link Committee would consider requests for financial assistance from village organisations in the spring of each year.